Thursday, July 15, 2010

...thank you for listening...

"I need someone to listen to me," said by an 88 year old woman. I sat next to her and invited her to tell me something she would like to say. She said, "finally someone is here to listen to me." She said, "I love music but I no longer play the instrument because of my injured fingers." I told her I love music too and I told her that play drum, guitar and harmonica. She was very excited and told me, "I hope you will teach me how to play the drum." I replied, "certainly I will."

Monday, July 12, 2010

question of weather : in 5 minutes for 10 times!

"Are you listening to me?" said a 90 year-old woman. I responded, "yes I am listening to you." Within 5 minutes she asked me another question 10 times, "how is the weather outside?" "is the weather good outside?" "how is the weather outside?" "is the weather good today?" "I wonder of the weather is good today"? "do you know is the weather outside?" "How is the weather today?" "the weather must be good day."