Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Bridge to heaven

My Bridge to Heaven

Wonderful education from my parents made me of who am I now
Marriage blessed me with children
The transitions and changes in the Church affected my life
Changes are difficult to handle
Being a widow is not that easy
Need a companion but I do not it
Depend on my Father the Lord to guide me
Holy Spirit comes to me

Written by : Virginia (one of my research informants)

Life is Romantic

Life is a romantic

Thought life is romantic
It takes me to a different path
Dissapoitment and sadness
Later depreseion
River become a river of tear
Faith help me through
Hope to set me through the journey
Redicovery my faith
The water refreshing again
Hopeful stage of my life
I see it as a peaceful and claim river again

Lee, 2007 (Poem written by one of my research informants.

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I am still looking for a publisher to assist me with the publication of my book.

Anybody can be a help to me. Thank you very much, Peter.