Thursday, October 14, 2010

How do the elderly individuals in Borneo describe and interpret loneliness?

I am in the process of recruiting "informers" or "participants" for my comparative research on how elderly individuals in Borneo describe and interpret loneliness?
This study will examine and generate an in-depth understanding of loneliness as experienced by eight individuals (65 years and above) living independently.
I will compare these future findings to the findings of my doctoral dissertation which was defended in 2007 at the University of Rochester, NY.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Loneliness and Lived experiences of Elederly Individuals Living Independnetly: Hermeneutic Phenomenological Approach

Peter Abas, L.S.L., M.R.E., M.A., & Ed.D
Loneliness id a pervasive human experience. It is a subjective experience that is influenced by one's personality ans situational variables. Loneliness has been recognized as a public health problem that requires the attention of clinicians and researchers both as a condition in itself and its relationship to other conditions.
The study examined and generated and in-depth understanding of loneliness as experienced by eight individuals (65 years and above) living independently. A hermeneutic-phenomenological approach was used to describe and to interpret the meaning of loneliness in the lived experience of elderly individuals. These interpretations were made possible through the support of the incidental themes, which were formulated by the participants' descriptions of their experiences of loneliness.
Through interpretation, four themes emerged from explanations of how the elderly individuals interpreted loneliness. First, the participant experienced the existence of a painful void. Second, the participants experienced a state of being overwhelmed with work and emotion. Third, participants experienced a state of emotional pain. Fourth, the participant experienced a state of no direction.
These findings affirmed that negative feelings were associated with loneliness according to the participants' descriptions. Understanding the common themes and meanings of the lived experience of these elderly individuals provides an effective base for the therapeutic relationship between counselor and the elder. The strengths and limitations of the study, and significant implications of the findings and future research, practice and education in counseling, were identified.

Vicky describes...

Vicky selects a garden of flowers as metaphor. She feels that flowers symbolize happiness and are colors of life. However, she admits a garden of flowers aslo symbolizes the existence of resentment in her. The reason is that she longs to have cheerful life. Vicky with her gentle voice, allows to flow very well. Vicky elaborates that the a garden of flowers alwyas brightens her mood and makes her cheerful and happy. She was comfortable exploring each question and cofidently answered questions posed to her.

She describes, "I think it (loneliness) is more like emptiness. So right there and then I have covered half the day. so even if I do not have any plans to go our for the rest of the day. the spiritual experience and the contact with people gives a lift. That even if that kind of empty feeling comes along and I feel lonely, later in the day; I have built the foundation in the morning for my day."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Venture to Borneo-To all my american friends-

Situated in the northern district of Kudat, the heartland of the Rungus people, Maranjak Homestay was developed by a family, which have come together for a community project to share their lifestyle and culture with visitors. The journey to Kudat (about 130 kilometers from Kota Kinabalu) will take about two and half hours, cruising the Land Below The Wind with rice field and magnificent mountain sight along the way. Maranjak Homestay began welcoming visitors to the longhouse in the village of Bavanggazo in 2002.

Arrived safely in Borneo- WOW-

Pepper and bananas plantation of Borneo.

The 24 hours of flight was very challenging, I safely arrived and landed on Borneo Island. Nonetheless, my two luggages were misplaced and I arrived without my belongings. Today at 7.00 pm, I received a call from the airport informing me that my two luggages have just arrived from Korea.

My jet-lag caused stomach upset!
I will continue to blog again. I am missing you all Rochesterians!