Thursday, June 4, 2009

...listening to their feelings!

Two women described and interpreted their feeling of loneliness:

"Loneliness is something about inner suffering inside. It is not physical; I just feel it inside" said by 67 year old woman.

Another 77 year old woman said, "This feeling is like missing someone and it is an emotional inner pain."


aurelia said...

"Visit them and talk to them like your best friends eventhough they are your mother/father or grandfather/mother"

Richard said...

Hello Yokuiti, Great website. Your passion and care for the lonely is truly important. I have added you to my links at my website: I hope you will visit and leave a comment. This is crtical work we are doing and if you go to the "about page", you will understand why I also have passion and concern about loneliness in the world. Best Wishes and God's Peace. Richard.

YOKUITI said...

Thanks for the inspiring and wonderful comments. Everyday, I see this situation in my working place. Only when I talked to her/him, I began to understand her/his inner feeling.