Friday, August 20, 2010

"Are you wilingl to share your sacred stories?"

"Are YOU willing to share your sacred stories?"
Creating a story about your life demands that you place the story within the context of your life.
You can look and see:
  • How does the experiences come into your life?
  • What really is the experiences?
  • How does the experience affected you?
  • What is the meaning of the experience for you?
  • How does that meaning shape your life?
Facilitator: Rev. Dr. Peter Abas

...expressions of life...condcuted by Rev. Dr. Peter Abas

Sacred Stories is a Workshop given by Fr. Peter Abas.It is an Opportunity to Express Emotions
in a Safe and Supportive Environment.
The painting on the right is the combined work of 12 people putting their emotions on canvas
over 8 weekly sessions. It is a powerful expression of their healing journey.

...Sacred Rev. Dr. Peter Abas

Programs on Aging Gracefully

Therapeutic Integration: Sacred Drumming, Painting/Art and Reflective Discussion.
How do I feel and weave my lived experiences of my “sacred stories”?
How do I feel and know that I am in spirit and in truth in my journey of life?
  1. To give an opportunity to an individual person to reflect and appreciate her/his journey of life.
  2. To give a sense of awareness to an individual person that each person has a “sacred”story to tell and to share.
  3. To empower each person to express her/his journey in “color” in the form of arts.
  4. To empower each person to appreciate her/his own uniqueness of others’ journeys.
  5. To empower an individual person to gather the positive experiences and to say a proper goodbye to the negative experiences.
  6. To express the positive feeling in the form of expressive arts.
  7. To encourage each person's unique expression in the beating of the drums.
  8. To promote harmony among in the group to the sacred sound of the drums.
  9. To appreciate her/his own uniqueness and others feeling.
  10. To empower an individual person to weave the lived experiences in spirit and truth.
  11. To affirm the positive integration at this time of lived experiences.

Materials needed: 2 Canvas for the expressive arts activity.

Brushes and watercolors.


Drums and other percussions.

...wisdom of the sacred drums...

Why you should try the Wisdom of the Sacred Drums?

Get in touch with your Life Experiences and recognize your "Sacred Story" with color and drums. Storytelling, paint and drumming with our gifted facilitator, Fr. Peter Abas.
Are you willing to share your Sacred Stories? If so this might be the session you are searching for...
  • Enhances sense of community among elderly individuals.
  • Creates engaging & positive experiences for elderly individuals.
  • Communicate your deep seated commitment to the spiritual well being of elderly individuals.

...inner peace...

"If you want to have inner peace, it really has to start from our inner self through the peacefulness
of the soul, so that we can produce harmony when we work or mingle with people." Abas, D&C.
In the first person Column written by Carlos Ortiz of
"Every person is an unfinished story until we draw our last breath."

Wisdom of the Sacred Drums - Rev. Dr. Peter Abas -

WISDOM of the Sacred Drums
- Peaceful Rhythmic Expression -
Each of us has been blessed with abundant grace in our lives. Knowing this
blessedness is a gift that often comes wrapped in change.
Day by day, we face inevitable changes and our spirit goes
where we allow it through the personal choices we make.
It is when we stop to reflect on our sacred stories that we can recognize
Wisdom holds a special dignity and depth. It is not a spontaeous gift. It is acquired
through grace from the Holy Spirit, reflection and sharing.
(Charism, December 2009 Volume 7, Issue 4)
Peaceful Rhythmic Hand Drumming is not focused on learning
traditional drumming. It is a session of identification and
expression of feeling through the sacred drumming.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Loving Memory of Sr. Jane Frances

Sister Jane Frances Hauser, RSM, 94

Sister of Mercy Jane Frances Hauser died Feb. 8, 2010. She was 94.

Sister Hauser entered the congregation in 1934 from Rochester’s Ss. Peter and Paul Parish, professing her perpetual vows on June 1, 1935.

She taught religion and science in various schools, including Aquinas Institute, Rochester; Our Lady of Mercy High School, Brighton; and Notre Dame High School, Elmira. Sister Hauser held several positions on the Sisters of Mercy leadership team as well as administrative roles in the retired community.

She is survived by her nephews; many grandnieces and grandnephews; and her sisters in the congregation.

Sister Hauser’s funeral liturgy was celebrated at Mercy Center in Brighton on Feb. 13, 2010, with burial in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.

..Always be remembered...

The two beautiful paintings done by Late Joan Hull.

Shamrock makes her happy!

It is always a joy for me to see Sr. De Paul interacting with her beloved bird Shamrock.

Sr. De Paul takes care of her bird-Shamrock-! Each day I normally asked sister how is Shamrock, "he is not singing today." said Sr. Andre.

I have been observing Sr. Andre and her bird Shamrock and it is very interesting to see the interaction going on each day.

..gifted person

Joan expressing her inner feelings through sacred sound of the drum. She named a drum -nemo-!

I worked with Joan Hull for 22 weeks. December last year she rested with the Lord.

She produced two beautiful paintings. She was able to play the drum. Working with her enabled me to produce a DVDof her " "Joan's spiritual journey harmonized through sacred drumming, art and reflective discussion."

"Joan I will continue to miss you"- Abas, Dec 2009.

Expression of Creative Arts!

One Canvas, many colors and diversity of participants.
They expressed their inner feelings on the canvas.
Diversity + Unity = Harmony