Monday, June 22, 2009

...I want to go home...

A 90 year old woman was saying to me today, "I want to go home to see my mother." It is very touching to listen to her because she does not know why she was saying that sentence. She repeated the same sentence about 8 times. I listened to know but eventually, I tried to distract her mind by saying let me bring you outside to see the wonderful weather today. While I was wheeling her I asked her, "where is home?" She started to tell me. This is what I enountered almost everyday in my working place, God bless all these wonderful residents.


vpa73 said...

I've only encountered your blogs a few days ago and I just wanted to say thanks. Having been reading your posts, I am now more sensitive to the elderly. I used to hesitate when I come across a 'mumbling' elderly, not knowing whether the person is in this world or in the fairyland. Now I begin to understand a bit more...last sunday after church, when an elderly man repeatedly said "it's very cold. I'm very cold today", rubbing his hands together, I offered my hands to warm his up. Maybe it didn't mean anything to him, but it certainly did something to me which I couldn't explain. Anyway, I'll continue enjoying your blog. I'm grateful to have found this site.

YOKUITI said...

You made the right decision by just giving your hands to him. Working with any elderly individual, to have a good eye contact with him/her is very important.
Once he/she sees the person's face speaking with him/her, that will make the person at ease.


Jenn said...

Hi Father Peter,

It reminds me of a story although not about want to go home.

One day I was so unhappy and felt misserable. I just wanted to leave the place and be gone. So, I was in a hurry to get to the metro to go home. When I walked down the stairs to the metro, I saw an elderly lady with a huge and heavy bag. Everyone just passed by without even looking at her. I said to her, "M'am, let me help you." I took her heavy bag and put it near the metro and while patiently waited for her. She smiled and said thank you. I forgot about my problems and was praising the Lord for that little encounter. I missed my metro but it was OK.


YOKUITI said...

Jenn, That what I call the "invisible" but you did the best in your life. You will never forget that incident.

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