Friday, October 5, 2012

...voice of an elderly individual...

"aiso guno masi nodi sabab aiso tanak ku id kanu gumopi dogo" said an elderly lady (age 79 year old) - there is no meaning to live because none of my children can take care of me-
I heard this from this woman, two days ago... 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Inner feelings...

"I think that once you start feeling some of these aging ailments, I think they compound it, because then you realize that you are not able to do some of the things you like to do, like walking inthe mall, for instance (Line 154-158 of 1 st interview." Extract from Doctoral Dissertation, Abas 2007.

"Who am I"?

Often I heard and even spoke to elderly persons who fsaid, "Who am I?" If you further ask him/her to elaborate this sentence, he/she will tell you a lots about it!
"Who am I?" Often this connated to negative feelings/thoughts of being "OLD" and "USELESS".
Mary Jane was one of my many elderly individuals who journeyed with me in my program "Aging Gracefully" in Rochester, NY, she is in her ninetees now.
Gof bless you Mary Jane.

We need to assure and affirm our elderly individuals that they are still special and can contribute to the society. Are we able to convince our Borneon seniors and elderly individual to be more positive in seeing this Slogan "Aging Gracefully?"