Monday, March 11, 2013

"A Hole In My heart"

By Dominic Joseph of March 5 2013

Since Loneliness generated lots of interest among our listeners, I took the opportunity to interview Dr. Peter Abas to generate an in-dept understanding of Loneliness with his case study titled, ‘Hole In The Heart.’ Van Manen’s hermeneutic approach(1990) was used to describe and interpret within an existential theoretical framework the meaning of Loneliness in the lived experience of elderly individuals. Loneliness is a pervasive human experience. It is a subjective experience that is influenced by one’s personality and situational variable. Loneliness has been recognized as a public health problem that requires the attention of clinicians and researchers both as a condition in itself and its relationship to other conditions.

‘Hole In The Heart’ is an actual lived experience of a participant in Dr. Peter’s research that describes the existence of a painful void in his life.

In this interview Dr. Peter defines what Loneliness is all about. He went on to clarify the difference between an introvert and a lonely person, Loneliness and self-pity and idleness leading to Loneliness. Dr. Peter also provides practical tips on how the elderly and young could avoid falling into the trap of Loneliness.

CREATIVE ARTS produced by 12 elderly individuals (ages 70-95)
Own by: Rev.Dr. Peter Abas