Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some Programs Designed by Rev. Dr. Peter Abas

2004- present

Inter-generational Peaceful Hand drumming

1. To understand the use of hand drumming to enhance communication, concentration, listening skills, intimacy, and understanding of the self.

2. To gain some skills and techniques to work with elderly in how to encourage expression of feelings and increase socialization in the group process.

3. To give guidelines of specific approaches and strategies for maximizing participation, motivation and learning for older adults.

2005- present

Reminiscence Group with Elderly 65 and above)

(Reminiscence has a way of bringing people together, and this can be particularly useful in a group setting)

1. Promoting self understanding

2. Preserving personal and collective history

3. Transcending the material world and physical limitations

4. Allowing for identification of universal themes of humanity

5. Reinforcing coping mechanisms

2006- present

Sacred Stories - Healing Journeys for older adults (65 and above)

(An opportunity to express emotion in safe and supportive environments)

1. Enhancing sense of community among elders.

2. Creating and engaging positive experiences for elders.

3. Communicating the deep seated commitment to the spiritual being of elderly people.


Vision of Hope - Partner in Healing (65 and above)

(An opportunity to identify and experience your personal “Vision of Hope” while journeying with others)

1. Emphasizing their strengths, not weaknesses.

2. Developing independence while diminishing dependence.

3. Encouraging decision making and action taking.

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