Saturday, September 5, 2009

...many thanks to you INA!

Kopivosian tadau kinohodion nu!

Today my Ina (mother) celebrates her 76 year old birthday. Many more blessing for you Ina.Thank you very much, you have done so much for all of us (your children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren).

Ina with her greatgrandson Jay!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the uniquness of a day...

"I am not doing well today," said a 90 year old woman. She was very honest in telling her feeling to the others. This is a very important scenario where a person was able to freely express her feeling and still been respected by the others.

Each day I walk into this building where I work and at the end of the day I always gained a new insight of lived experience of an elderly individual.

Monday, August 31, 2009

" Is the weather good?"

Today a 90 year old woman repeatedly asked me this question:

How is the weather today? After five minutes she asked me again, "Is the weather good today?" then after 3 minutes she told me, "Must be good weather to go out today." She continued after five minutes and repeatedly said, "I think the weather is very good today." Finally after 4 minutes, she ased me again, "Do you think the weather is good today?"

This is the environment of my work, patience and gentleness with love are needed in this work place. God bless all these wonderful residents.

How can I be lonely?

How Can I be Lonely?

As I was feeling a special appreciation to this sister, for allowing me to become someone who somehow filled an “empty space” in her life – I was brought back to my previous study on loneliness, and the words “empty space” prompted my next question to her about the existence of loneliness in her life as well as in the lives of other people.
You know, I have had people come in here and say “Sister, aren’t you lonely in this room?” How could I be lonely ? I can’t tell everybody how much God and I are getting on, but how could I ever be lonely when He’s given me so much love. I can be as mad as I want at Him, but He doesn’t even care. People come in and say, “Sister, aren’t you lonely?” And I say, “How can I be lonely? First of all, I love to read. I can read all day long; everything I get my hands on. Then I pick out what means something to me and my friends who know I like to read are always bringing me something to read, too. I could read all day long and be happy. That’s what I like.