Friday, May 8, 2009

Can we relate to what were been said?

Incidental Themes
•Sample of Excerpts (Descriptions of Loneliness)

A feeling of Emptiness
•I think it is more like emptiness (not going to see and no one coming to see me).
•It is a kind of emptiness; an empty feeling of being alone and abandoned.
•It is just an empty feeling, like nobody loves you.
•My children being grown up and gone, contributes to the empty feeling.
•I think, to rid of the emptiness, you really have to go there.

A feeling of a need to fill an empty hole
•Loneliness is emptiness, as it is a hole that needs to be filled.
•There is always that hole in my heart from losing my son.
•It is unexpressed feeling inside, a kind of hole that nobody knows.
•I can’t explain it very well, but there is a hole within me, after my wife passed away.
•It is just a transition, I am fine, I will improve but the hole is there to be filled.

A feeling of incompleteness
•It (loneliness) is the incompleteness of life.
•It (loneliness) is just a feeling of incompleteness to be living alone.
•I do not deny that there is incompleteness in my life
•Being alone does make my life incomplete.
•I live alone and it is an incomplete feeling.

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