Wednesday, July 1, 2009 gentle and listen to each elderly...

"I want to go home, I want to go home." An elderly woman was saying and she wanted to be heard. She is 92 year old and infact she has been residing in this place for many years.
She wheeled herself slowly while saying, "I want to go now, I want to go home."

I approached her and gently said, "I believe you really miss your home, your garden and beautiful flowers." She immediately replied, "Yes, I planted many flowers." I continued tell me the different flowers you had planted." She smiled and continued to tell me.

This incident is a lesson for anyone who is caring the elderly individual. A caregiver needs to know of how to respond this type of situation.

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nc said...

dear Fr,
if only all people know how important it is to care for the elderly..because one day (if we're lucky enough),,an elderly we will be as well.

all ur posts are very touching, hopefully it can open the heart to people who literally dump their elderly to the care of others. (>.<),, very sad.

God bless u Fr.