Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vicky describes...

Vicky selects a garden of flowers as metaphor. She feels that flowers symbolize happiness and are colors of life. However, she admits a garden of flowers aslo symbolizes the existence of resentment in her. The reason is that she longs to have cheerful life. Vicky with her gentle voice, allows to flow very well. Vicky elaborates that the a garden of flowers alwyas brightens her mood and makes her cheerful and happy. She was comfortable exploring each question and cofidently answered questions posed to her.

She describes, "I think it (loneliness) is more like emptiness. So right there and then I have covered half the day. so even if I do not have any plans to go our for the rest of the day. the spiritual experience and the contact with people gives a lift. That even if that kind of empty feeling comes along and I feel lonely, later in the day; I have built the foundation in the morning for my day."

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