Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How do I appreciate my Lived Experiences (Part 1)


Session I
How do I appreciate my lived experiences?

1. To give an opportunity to an individual person to reflect and appreciate her/his journey of life.
2. To give a sense of awareness to an individual person that each person has a “sacred” story to tell and to share.

Part I: Moment of Encounterment (40 minutes)

a. Where am I going and where am I now?
- To give each person an equal opportunity to share about herself/himself.
- To give each person the opportunity to appreciate others’ stories.

Part II: Moment of Identity: “Communal activity on Expressive Arts.” (20 minutes)

b. To empower each person to express her/his journey in “color” in the form o arts.
c. To empower each person to appreciate her/his own uniqueness of others’ journeys.

Part III: Moment of Intimacy: Appreciation of ourselves, relationships with others and thankfulness to God for each individual. (20 minutes)

a. To encourage each person uniqueness expression in the beating of the drums.
b. To promote harmony among in the group to the sacred sound of the drums.

Part IV: Debriefing from everyone. See you again at the next session. (10 minutes)

Facilitator; Rev. Dr. Abas

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