Monday, October 8, 2012

Help Needed for this proposed project...



Growing Old in SABAH BORNEO

Interview will be done in three different languages, Kadazandusun, Bahasa Malaysia and English.

            Aging is a word that most people are unwilling to confront and even many seniors live in denial of it. This Video will explore from the realities of physical, emotional, psychological, relational, medical and economical aspects in a developing State of Sabah, Borneo. Voices of participants will be heard of how they will describe and will interpret their experiences of growing old. What exactly is the healthy way to grow old? Is age a disease to be battled or a beautiful stage of life to be embraced and celebrated? How do look at aging positively?


Producer & director, Rev. Dr. Peter Abas. Dist.: Rhythmic Tranquility Production, DVD 30 minutes.

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