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Often when one mentions a hot issue there is a tendency to relate it to politics, economics, sex scandals, etc. However are you aware that ‘ loneliness’ is actually a hot issue around the globe? Many countries including Malaysia are steadily progressing toward an aging population. While aging is a natural process, its impact can be painful individually as well as the nation. Many International NGO’s are championing the issue of loneliness with respective government’s around the world to give greater attention to their elderly.

The song ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight’ which was first made popular by Elvis Presley followed by Barry Manilow and Norah Jones. Part of the lyrics goes like this, “…with emptiness all around… your heart filled with pain. “Loneliness is a ‘hidden killer’ of elderly. reported by Sean Coughlan, BBC News education and family correspondent. For instance in United Kingdom, it has been reported that one in ten elderly people suffers from “intense” loneliness. The campaign group wants loneliness to be recognized as a public health issue.

After speaking to Rev. Dr. Peter Abas, Dominic realized loneliness among the elderly above 65 years is a serious problem around the globe. Dr Peter introduces this subject of loneliness in a way that puts listeners at ease, especially if you have aging parents and as a dutiful son/daughter how do you assist your parents deal with loneliness. His passion, knowledge and experience on the subject of loneliness is indisputable. Dr. Peter has done a lots of research and written a book on ‘Loneliness.’ He has also introduced innovative methods in dealing with loneliness. This interview deals with the topic of loneliness among the elderly who are 65 years old and above.

Here’s a link to Rev. Dr. Peter Abas doctoral dissertation “Loneliness and Lived Experiences of Elderly Individuals Living Independently: Hermeuneutic Phenomenological Approach.

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