Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My 10 minutes with her, made her smile

It was a crowded dining hall, people were busy enjoying their food served for the lunch. I walked in and saw this person (103 years old) sitting down with her head staring on the dining table. I approached and greeted, "How are you today?" With her eyes opened and accompanied with a beautiful smile, she responded, "I am doing fine and what about you?" I responded, "I am doing very good today." With a smile, she said, "I like the mushroom soup today."

If we mean what we are really saying to others, the words can brighten their days. Let us not forget to give some positive words to one another even though we are busy in our own world. Time is very precious but just by stopping for few minutes to say "hello, how are you, and how is the day going?" can make a person's life brighter and cheerful.

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