Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The inner feelings...

Aging Gracefully Group was conducted today and there were 17 elderly women attended this session. The ages are between 85 - 100 year old. The discussion topics were:

What is thanksgiving and what am I thankful?

Some personal feelings:

1. I am thankful for my age, I am 100 and it was God's grace that help me. In addition to this, I am also to all my friends who supported me in my journey of life.

2. Thankful for all the things I received in my life and the air I breath everyday.

3. It is very good to thank for God the gift of Life. Thankful for my health.

4. Everyday I thank God for the new day.

5. The daily foods been served in this center.

6. I am 99, I thank God.

7. Even though, I am not able to see clearly, I thank God for my life.

8. I thank God thatI was alive after the accident that I had encountered in my life.

9. What can I say, I want to thank God for everything.

10. Why I am here today, it is because God has given me the precious time to be with all of you.

11. God is great, God help me each day.

12. I take oneday at a time, I am thankful that I am still alive to see the new day.

13. Thank God for my vocation.

14. It is God that make me who am I now, I thank God.

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