Tuesday, June 16, 2009

17 days to go.....

17 days to go, I will be in Paris, France to present my paper at the 19th World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics (July 5-9, 2009).

I will be presenting the topic on Loneliness and Lived Experiences of Elderly Individuals Living Independently: Hermeneutic Phenomenological Approach.


aurelia said...

Kopivosian doid diau Fr. gud luck montok diho prensentation nu om tomoimo ko id sambayang dagai mooi do ahantoi nu do papabanta iho paper nu.

JoV said...

Shalom and all the best to you Father, U really made us proud and hoping that you will success during your presentation and May God Pour His Blessing unto U with Holy Spirit and U determined what U aim for. Keep it up, and we always pray for you and safe journey. You make us all (KadazanDusun community) proud.


YOKUITI said...

Thank you and pibabasan to you.

Jenn said...

Will you be coming to Netherlands to visit us after Paris? I still haven't decided to go visit home in Sabah yet. If I did, it would be after the 16th of July.


Let me know kio.. itia oh email ku: jgpolder@gmail.com (only for you)