Friday, August 20, 2010

...Sacred Rev. Dr. Peter Abas

Programs on Aging Gracefully

Therapeutic Integration: Sacred Drumming, Painting/Art and Reflective Discussion.
How do I feel and weave my lived experiences of my “sacred stories”?
How do I feel and know that I am in spirit and in truth in my journey of life?
  1. To give an opportunity to an individual person to reflect and appreciate her/his journey of life.
  2. To give a sense of awareness to an individual person that each person has a “sacred”story to tell and to share.
  3. To empower each person to express her/his journey in “color” in the form of arts.
  4. To empower each person to appreciate her/his own uniqueness of others’ journeys.
  5. To empower an individual person to gather the positive experiences and to say a proper goodbye to the negative experiences.
  6. To express the positive feeling in the form of expressive arts.
  7. To encourage each person's unique expression in the beating of the drums.
  8. To promote harmony among in the group to the sacred sound of the drums.
  9. To appreciate her/his own uniqueness and others feeling.
  10. To empower an individual person to weave the lived experiences in spirit and truth.
  11. To affirm the positive integration at this time of lived experiences.

Materials needed: 2 Canvas for the expressive arts activity.

Brushes and watercolors.


Drums and other percussions.

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