Friday, August 20, 2010

Wisdom of the Sacred Drums - Rev. Dr. Peter Abas -

WISDOM of the Sacred Drums
- Peaceful Rhythmic Expression -
Each of us has been blessed with abundant grace in our lives. Knowing this
blessedness is a gift that often comes wrapped in change.
Day by day, we face inevitable changes and our spirit goes
where we allow it through the personal choices we make.
It is when we stop to reflect on our sacred stories that we can recognize
Wisdom holds a special dignity and depth. It is not a spontaeous gift. It is acquired
through grace from the Holy Spirit, reflection and sharing.
(Charism, December 2009 Volume 7, Issue 4)
Peaceful Rhythmic Hand Drumming is not focused on learning
traditional drumming. It is a session of identification and
expression of feeling through the sacred drumming.

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