Sunday, October 21, 2012

"interlocking circles"


Well, it can be very lonely, it can be very lonely. I remember coming back from a conference after my husband had died and just the sound of the suitcase and my briefcase in the empty house was just chilling. (Line 18-21 of 1st interview).

The story of Sonia. Sonia selects interlocking circles as a metaphor. Sonia’s explanation of the “interlocking circles” metaphor relates to being considered as such an important part of each aspect of her life. The need to be supported, and the circumstance of being connected are both key issues for Sonia as she fears becoming entangled to the point of detachment and misdirection. She admits, “I am afraid of the circle becoming untangled.”  She feels that the support she receives comes from her family, the community and her work. The reason is that she is very systems oriented due to her career in social work and considers her personal life using the system theory. Sonia, with her way of responding in a very graphic type of style, due to her passion for being a writer, uses the interlocking circles to describe her lived experiences. When asked questions, she consistently used heartfelt and objective type language and answered genuinely and with ease.

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