Wednesday, August 20, 2008

..the beats of "tick-tick, dun-dun, cling-cling, tak-tak, sah-sah"

A 99 year old woman was holding the small Japanese drum while waiting for the others to join her. About 2.55 PM the gathering room was full of our beloved seniors. There were about 25 persons in the gathering room. Praise God for them.

The 99 year old woman asked, "how should I beat the drum?" Someone sitting next to her (she is about 85 years) old replied, "just beat according to your feeling inside." The sound started, "tak-tak-tak-tak" and slowly the big mother drum started to give the bass beat, "dun-dun-dun", then followed by the djembe drummers who all were in their 80's, with this sound, "pak-tak-pak-pak-tak-pak." Then slowly a shy 103 year old woman shook her egg shaker, and it produced a wonderful melody, "sak-sak-sak". In addition to all these, there were two women in their early 90's with the frame drums..."bub...bubu...bu..." the sound of the bell, cling, cling, cling produced by two women in their 80's too. The sound of the maracas, sah-sah-sah....

Finally the whole room was sounding like a wonderful and peaceful ambience of HARMONY. "Tak-tak-tak, dun-dun-dun, pak, tak, pak, sak, sak, sak, bub-bubu-bu...cling, cling, cling, sah, sah, sah "
What a wonderful, peaceful beat they produced from their hearts. They were given the opportunity to express emotions in a safe and supportive environment.

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