Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Quotes from those who participated and who heard about the Rhythmic Hand-drumming (8/20/08, 3.00PM)."

A 88 year old woman, "I enjoyed it and it was relaxing."
A man in his 80s, "It was phenomenal, just enjoyed the sound!"
A 99 year old woman, "I played the little drum, it was wonderful."
"I could not believe what I have seen yesterday," said a caregiver.

"When are we going to have that drumming again?", asked by a 83 yearold woman.
"It made me very peaceful yesterday as I beat the drum", a 88 year old woman.
"What a joy, I heard they all enjoyed, I hope to make it next time.", a supevisor in the center.
A 103 year old, "I was able to hold the egg-shaker."
A woman in the 80s said, "the mother drum- "Dun-Dun" was very inspiring, the sound of very beautiful."

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