Saturday, August 23, 2008

"It ls a sinking kind of feeling...

"Well, it can be very lonely, it can be very lonely. I remember coming back from conference after my husband had died and just the sound of the suitcase and my briefcase in the empty house was just chilling."

She is a 69 year old woman. She selects the interlocking circles/chains as a metaphor of her life. Her explanation of the "interlocking circles" metaphor relates to being consiered as such as an important part of each aspect of her life. The need to be supported, and the circumstance of being connected are both key issues for her as she fears becoming entagled to the point of detachment and misdirection.

When she describes loneliness and emptiness, she states, "it's a sinking kind of feeling like...I feel lonely, feeling lonely at night." She expressess, "it's (loneliness) an empty feeling like being alone and abandoned."

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