Wednesday, September 17, 2008

..Aging gracefully....

Today there were about 28 participants (ages between 75 to 99 years old) who attended the session on Aging Gracefully.

It was a great learning, here are some highlighted quotes:

What is aging according to each one of them.

. It is process of reflecting my own my life.
. I hate it and it is hard.
. I do not control it, it is God.
. I love aging, I can do whatever I was not able to do before.
. It is a blessing to be older.
. It is a gift from God.
. Aging, I feel proud of myself I am reaching 100 years old.
. I become more humble each day.
. Am I really getting old.

. It is a time of preparation.

. Aging is a time of asking, "where am I going?"

. Comparing my life before and NOW.

. I am glad to be more matured each day, it is a blessing.

. I just go with the flow, it is part and partial of life.

. What aging, that is a normal process nothing new.

. Let it comes as it is.

. It is time to relax and appreciate life.

The participants were also invited to reflect one or two of these following questions:

1. If you could relive one event in the story of your life, what would it be?

2. Which year would you choose as the best year of your life? Why?

3. Are you the same person you were as a child, or different? Explain.

4. If you could change any part of your story, what would you change?

(Taken from Remembering Your Stories by Richard L. Morgan)

"Aging is like the process of the sunset" (Aging Gracefully- Abas, 2008)

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