Monday, September 15, 2008

..cognitively she is still super...

At lunch today, I was sitting and eating with four senior women. One is 99 year old, she will be 100 this December and the other two women were in their early 80s and one is in her 70s.

I talked to them and asked them this question.

Can you all tell me, which one is right?

The yolk of an egg is white OR the yolks of eggs are white.

There was moment of quiteness, and I could see the eyes of two in their 80s were blinking and shaking their heads. The woman in her 70s was saying, "this is not easy."

Surprisingly, the woman who is 99 year old said, "both sentences are wrong because egg yolk is yellow." They all laughed. A lesson for me, being 99 year old does not mean, a person is unable to think, look at this 99 year old woman, she got the answer!

Cognitively she is still SUPER!

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