Wednesday, April 22, 2009

...a lesson to learn...

An 89 year old man today was crying as I approached his table. I asked him, "are you not feeling well?" He responded, "it is very painful to look at the flowers." I saw this beautiful kind of potter plan with purple flowers on the table infront of him. I responded, "it must be very difficult for you to see that flowers." He said, "yes and he sobbed."

In my heart, I wish I could be a further help to him.

As I moved to walk to the other table, I saw this 90 year old woman. She told me, "this is my words of wisdom for you today." She said, "go slow and enjoy life." She reminded me of my daily life where I used to go fast and didn't have the time to reflect, to meditate, to pray and to discern.

What a lesson to learn from both incidents.

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