Monday, August 23, 2010

...Great and fruitful work!

"I sensed during my reflective drumming that God is trying to have me realize that an important part
of why my spiritual journey has been so uniquely blessed by God, is because God created me
so we. God has always been so free with blessing me and in allowing me to know God's presence
with me." JHH meeting week of Dec 16 2009.
God seems to be giving me this message...
"Do not hide or deny that you are created in my image as I loved you into is is nothing to
be ashamed of...It is the reason I have blessed you so uniquely during your life journey...
the wheelchair is an appropriate symbol and remembrance of God's love for me." JHH meeting of
Dec 1, 2009.
Below is the product from the "Individual Therapeutic Integration: Painting/Art, Sacred Drumming &
Reflective Discussion.
God is Love - God is Light

I have given this painting the title: God is Love - God is Light
The aim in doing this painting is to represent my life journey as I currently "envision" it. During
the past few months, Fr.P has been companioning me and guiding me, with the assistance
of hand drumming, to allow me to discern my relationship with God. This was done by carefully
considering while drumming and in prayerful reflection, a multitude of my life "events." These were
the moments throughout my life when I felt I have been especially "close" to the Divine. Fr.P in
journeying with me, has been encouraging me to integrate these "events" into the context of my
entire life journey.
In the painting:
The outer blue area represents my "Sacred Void" which is in the "realm" that I am most easily
open to connecting with God alone, in prayer, Eucharist, dreams, Near Death Experiences, etc.
Throughout my whole life, I have felt God's presence with me but it is especially strong
and intimate when God allows me to enter my "Sacred Void."
The huge yellow circle centered in the "Sacred Void" represents the "light" which engulfed me
during my Near Death Experiences when I was a child. I feel that it is the closest a human
can come close to God and "live." Being an infant and young adolescent at these times and
not knowing people experienced such phenomena, allowed me to be very "open" to the
experiences. I always have and still seem to continue to compare everything in my life
to the wonderful warm,loving and comforting feelings that I remember experiencing at the time.
Everything else pales in comparison and the memory has never faded.
I am looking forward to traveling through the tunnel and once again being "united" with
the "light" (at the end my my earthly journey).
Next with the "light" is a fiery circle represent my awareness of God's "Love" which has continuously
nourished me throughout my entire life.
The heart in the center of this circle represents God's "Love" which has continuously nourished me
throughout my entire life.
The heart in the center of this circle represents God's "Love" for me, in which I find my great love
for God. These love feelings have come in prayer but I am always humbled by Eucharist.
It is always an opportunity to encounter Jesus directly and intimately but, also a reminder
of the extent of God's Love for me. Jesus coming among us to show us how to live as
"sister and brothers" with Him and the great "Love" His Father has for me. He also showed
God's great "Love" for me through His Incarnation,Dying, Rising, and Ascension.
In the center of the heart is the symbol for Jesus (Chi-Rho) at the top of an anchor.
Jesus is the anchor of my great love for God. Around the heart is an orange circle representing
fire and dynamic burning of God's Love (Holy Spirit).
I have placed within this fiery orange region, fertile green areas. They represent mysteries that
I cannot possibly know about God, (me being human) and areas of future growth in my "knowing"
God more intensely (what God chooses to reveal to me and invites me to know.) They are green
because of their potential for my growth. there are also a few openings in the green "barrier" to
represent the special "Light and Love events" which God has allowed me to experience.
Within the green area., I added the title which represents the primary focus of my journey.
God is Light 1 John Chapter 1:5
God is Love 1 John Chapter 4
FP added the lines extending the light into the blue "Void" to represent his companioning me
on this journey to find a better integration of my life experience.

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