Monday, August 23, 2010

What a joy to see the fruits!

Group Therapeutic Integration: Painting/Art, Sacred Drumming & Reflective Discussion

Group members from the "Wisdom of the Drum" program who came together for three Fridays to
drum, to paint and to share their inner feelings. There were 26 participants who attended this
program ages between 60 to 93 years old.

Just follow your inner feeling and produce the beat according to how you are feeling!
The paintings become more vivid
"What a surprise to walk into the room where we were meeting Father Abas and his "Wisdom of the
Drums" and see a huge pile of drums and sticks in the middle of the floor! This was not going to be
a one-drum recital by Father; we were all going to play drums! It was an exciting moment when, at
Father;s direction, with smiles on everyone's face we picked up our sticks and flailed away at our
drums. Father said the drum covers were made of goatskin." By Virginia Fleche- Abstract from
Chrism, ISM December, 2009 Volume 7, Issue 4.
"The existence of inner peace in us produce the harmony of the sacred
sound of our drums." Abas, December 2009.
Gently move your hands, your mallets and beat the drum.

Through the sacred drumming a person can be inspired to express his/her feeling in painting/art.

Changes in our lives told in the Wisdom of the Drums

"Change has always been difficult for me. Times like when I moved to Rochester, being
in a strange place and not knowing anybody. The Serenity Prayer has been my daily strength.
Accepting some of these changes helps me be close to the Lord ever day. " -Josie Baccoli-
"Death is a big change in your life when it happens in your family.
Often this change will open
new doors and we move on. It may lead to opportunities for a new relationships
and new postives in your life." -Gen LaMendola-
I always have to be organized and I organize things. Sometimes things do not go my way
and I can't sleep. Then it suddenly comes to me that I've reached a point in life when
I have no control of things; myself, my children, everything. Then its in God's hands.
You surrender yourself totally to His will and ask for His guidance. You can always trust in Him.
-Ruby Talbot-
A lot of changes come to us and we don't see any choice at all- but we always have a choice in
how we accept change. If you can accept the change and move on that's the beginning
of some peace and some happiness in life.-Sandy Doran-
"There have been a lot of changes in my life but God has been good to me. I'm slowing down
taking longer to do tasks. But this is rewarding too. I am looking at my family more closely by
slowing down and really appreciating what's around me. It 's giving me more time to read
and pray. I work at letting go, not taking life so seriously, enjoying life and
being more encouraging to my family." -Mary Alice Meyers

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