Monday, August 23, 2010

,,,It did work and produced wonderful therapy!

Individual Therapeutic Integration : Sacred Drumming, Painting/Art and Reflective Discussion

Conversation took place and this was how the painting been painted on the canvas

Colors of Life

The dialogue that follows depicts her sincere reflections of specific feeling and its relationship to color.

She no longer felt inadequate as an artist by the time we finished discussing this – and – was very eager to

give her feeling about words and colors and to weave this creative plain.

FP: Thank you Sister, for sharing. Excellent.

Sister: Since I didn’t know what to do, the Lord did it.

FP: Sister, you said you are not an artist. If I can bring a big canvas here, you can express

with different colors. I think you can do that. For example, give me one word that was there.

Sister: Brilliant.

FP: Okay, brilliant, now if you had a canvas, what color, do you like to use. What color would you use?

Sister: I LOVE purple.

FP: Okay, then you love purple. Then I will be sitting down here, and I will play one music tape.

I will use a very simple music tape. I will use “Yahweh You are Near”. When I play that,

until the music stops and you just keep on moving. Your expression of brilliant will be in the color that you like.

What is the next one?

Sister: Dazzling.

FP: Okay dazzling. What color is dazzling for you, Sister?

Sister: Uh, red.

FP: Okay, red. How do you imagine that is going to be?

Sister: I think it could have many shades of red all around it and be dazzling.

FP: See, so we already have a kind of purple, and probably the red will be coming like

a sun-ray from the purple. The brilliantness and the dazzling, is coming. Now, pick one or two more words.

Sister: Okay, well, flowering.

FP: Ok now, what color do you like to express flowering with?

Sister: Oh, pink and blue or yellow.

FP: Ok. Where will we put that on that big canvas?

Sister: If it’s going to be flowering, it should be on the bottom coming up.

FP: Ok. Look at the interpretation now. This flower produces beautiful aroma.

If you put it towards the bottom, the flower will produce that brilliantness.

The brilliantness produces that ray. See how it is now?

Sister: And the last one will be resplendent.

FP: What color are you going to use for that?

Sister: Oh, I’d like a mixture of pink, like that.

FP: And where would you like to put that, when you imagine that now?

Sister: I think the whole thing is resplendent.

FP: So, in the background, like this, behind. So, it might be a little bit light.

Then, darker and darker, so that’s how it is. That’s exactly how you want to do it. We can work on it.

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