Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Quality time spent with elderly individual was very uplifting"

Looking right to my eyes, this 103 years old woman gently asked me. "How was your weekend and what did you do?" I responded, " It was enjoyable and I played my drum at the VBC - Vacation Bible Camp."
Slowly she took a little piece of the sandwich and put into her mouth. She continued to ask me, "Do you watch TV?" Yes, I responded. I asked her, "do you watch TV?" She replied Yes, I do and I like to listen to the news. I told her, "your hairs look beautiful today and she responded, "thank you (with a precious smile) it was done yesterday at the beauty saloon."
Communicating to this 103 years old woman was a blessing and joy for me. The quality time spent with the elderly individual was very important and enriching for me. Never miss the chance to stop and to greet an elderly person!

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