Thursday, August 14, 2008

"What is the metaphor for your journey?"

Journey in the Desert

My life is a combination of desert and oasis,
signified by loneliness and emptiness as I walk.
Encountering the oasis-there is joy in my life,
but encountering the desert
make me feel dry like a cactus
the rough sand under my feet.
My life when in the desert is in constant search of water to continue
so much difficulty in attaining water on this flat, arid place.
Again, I reach the oasis-my life is up and livable. But, in order to cope up, with this lingering emptiness and loneliness
I must be ready to resume the search for this oasis at any time.

This person chooses a Cross as a metaphor, a cross is directly related to this person beliefs and more specifically to this person religion.

Life Flowing Like a River

Though that life is a romantic journey
But it takes me to a different path of life
Life fills with disappointments and sadness.
This long uphill journey
lead to negative experience of loneliness and depression.
The flowing river turns to river of tears.
Faith helps me to direct my path to the positive direction of life.
Hope nurtures the inner emotion and animates the human frailty.
The water of life calms the river of tears into flow of joy.
The journey needs to be taken one day at time.

2/12/07- A Flowing River
This person uses the metaphor of a flowing river to describe daily journey of life.

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