Monday, March 16, 2009

counting your blessings

The following persons were randomly asked to share one of the many blessings of life.

"It is wonderful to have time to pray."

"Everything here is a blessing I thank God every night for landing me here."

"Living at the Motherhouse."

"When my sister dies, I was immersely blessed by the overflowing sympathy, love and support from my Sisters."

"Fortunate to be here at Mercy and for my wonderful family."

"The fact that I'spoiled rotten and I love to be spoiled."

"The wonderful care I get."

""Grateful to be restored to health and be back to my ministry here at Mercy."

"I have a job in a safe and nice place to work."

"God's love, good health."

"Our newly renovated space, with gratitude to all responsible."

"Having a job in place with a homey atmosphere and people."

"The freedom to procalim and share my faith in Jesus Christ in an atmosphere of understanding and support."

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