Monday, March 9, 2009

Healthy body, mind, and soul

This elderly woman is enjoying herself.

I returned from Borneo yesterday and still trying to recover from the terrible jet lag, stomach pain and headache.

Being in Borneo for seven weeks, I had conducted few workshops. One of the workshops is called "Healthy body, mind and soul." The participants were between the ages of 14 to 80 years old.


fridaV said...

Father... izou tih Frida. hehe... Im frida, Callixtus' friend or can also be known as Vermol Thomblon's daughter. The one who lived in front of Aunt Mary's house. I found your blog through browsing some others' blog. I heard you came down to KK. But I was not able to get to see you cos' I'm in KL now. I saw the pics that you posted reminds me how much I miss KK. Anyway, fancy to meet you here. I mean in virtual world. Hehe...

YOKUITI said...

Great to hear from you Frida! Keep up the great spirit. I am back in USA now.