Friday, October 17, 2008

It is never too late to study...

I completed and graduated with Gerontology Certificate Program in 2006.

Gerontology Certificate Program
Lifespan and St. John Fisher College offer a Certificate Program in Gerontology. The certificate is given upon completion of 120 hours of course work

PDEV 760
Physiological Aspects of Aging
PDEV 761
Emotional Aspects of Aging
PDEV 765
Functional Assessment
PDEV 763
Legal Aspects of Aging
PDEV 764
Mental Health Assessment
PDEV 762
Social and Public Policy
PDEV Elec.
Mental Aerobics
PDEV 780
Nutrition and Aging
PDEV 766
Women and Aging
PDEV 767
Medications and Older Adults
PDEV 773
Issues of Sexuality
PDEV 769
Communication Skills
PDEV 772
Stress and Burnout
Counseling Older Persons and Their Families
PDEV 768
Loss, Separation & Grief
PDEV 774
Aging Services Network
PDEV 775
Economic Aspects of Aging
PDEV 781
Ethics and End of Life
PDEV 778
Elder Abuse

PDEV Elective
Spiritual Eldering
PDEV 779
Physical Fitness and Aging
PDEV 776
Alzheimer's Disease
Developmental Disabilities and Aging
PDEV 782
Substance Abuse and Older Adults
PDEV 771
Cultural Variability
PDEV 783
Spirituality and Aging

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