Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Aging Gracefully Session

There were 28 elderly individuals (ages between 80 to 99 ) who attended the session today.
They were divided into three groups.

The first discussion topic was on TIME PIECES
Each person has the opportunity to share her/his feeling(s) on the two questions.

1. My best time of day:

  • Early morning because I am alive again.

  • Mid-morning, I am fully active

  • Afternoon when I see the sun.

  • Late afternoon, when it is more quite.

  • It is hard for me to pick, the whole day is very good.

  • Night time, I am able to sleep.

  • Mid afternoon that is my praying time.

  • Lunch time is the best.

  • Noon time, looking forward for lunch.

  • 3.00 PM, my prayer time.

2. My worst time of day:

  • At night, unable to sleep.

  • I could not sleep at night.

  • I am not a morning person.

  • During time, unable to sleep.

  • Afternoon, it is too noisy.

  • Night time, difficult to sleep.

  • Seeing the sun setting.

  • I do not like when it is getting dark.

  • It seems whole day is worst for me.

  • I feel uneasy in the evening, I am afraid of being alone.

  • uh! I think night time.

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